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Instead of configuring resources and other run options throughdstack run, you can do so via .dstack/profiles.yml in the root folder of the project.


  - name: large

      memory: 24GB  # (Optional) The minimum amount of RAM memory
        name: A100 # (Optional) The name of the GPU
        memory: 40GB # (Optional) The minimum amount of GPU memory 
      shm_size: 8GB # (Optional) The size of shared memory

    spot_policy: auto # (Optional) The spot policy. Supports `spot`, `on-demand, and `auto`.

    max_price: 1.5 # (Optional) The maximum price per instance per hour

    max_duration: 1d # (Optional) The maximum duration of the run.

      retry-limit: 3h # (Optional) To wait for capacity

    backends: [azure, lambda]  # (Optional) Use only listed backends 

    default: true # (Optional) Activate the profile by default

You can mark any profile as default or pass its name via --profile to dstack run.

YAML reference


Property Description Type Default value
name The name of the profile that can be passed as --profile to dstack run str required
backends The backends to consider for provisionig (e.g., "[aws, gcp]") Optional[List[BackendType]] None
resources The minimum resources of the instance to be provisioned ProfileResources cpu=2 memory=8192 gpu=None shm_size=None
spot_policy The policy for provisioning spot or on-demand instances: spot, on-demand, or auto Optional[SpotPolicy] None
retry_policy The policy for re-submitting the run Optional[ProfileRetryPolicy] None
max_duration The maximum duration of a run (e.g., 2h, 1d, etc). After it elapses, the run is forced to stop. Union[Literal['off'],str,int,NoneType] None
max_price The maximum price per hour, in dollars Optional[float] None
default If set to true, dstack run will use this profile by default. bool False


Property Description Type Default value
cpu The minimum number of CPUs Optional[int] 2
memory The minimum size of RAM memory (e.g., "16GB") Union[int,str,NoneType] 8GB
gpu The minimum number of GPUs or a GPU spec Union[int,ProfileGPU,NoneType] None
shm_size The size of shared memory (e.g., "8GB"). If you are using parallel communicating processes (e.g., dataloaders in PyTorch), you may need to configure this. Union[int,str,NoneType] None


Property Description Type Default value
name The name of the GPU (e.g., "A100" or "H100") Optional[str] None
count The minimum number of GPUs int 1
memory The minimum size of a single GPU memory (e.g., "16GB") Union[int,str,NoneType] None
total_memory The minimum total size of all GPUs memory (e.g., "32GB") Union[int,str,NoneType] None
compute_capability The minimum compute capability of the GPU (e.g., 7.5) Union[float,str,Tuple,NoneType] None


Property Description Type Default value
retry Whether to retry the run on failure or not bool False
limit The maximum period of retrying the run, e.g., 4h or 1d Union[int,str,NoneType] None