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To use the open-source version, make sure to install the server and configure backends.

If you're using dstack Sky, install the CLI and run the dstack config command:

Once the CLI is set up, follow the quickstart.

Initialize a repo

To use dstack's CLI in a folder, first run dstack init within that folder.

$ mkdir quickstart && cd quickstart
$ dstack init

Your folder can be a regular local folder or a Git repo.

Define a configuration

Define what you want to run as a YAML file. The filename must end with .dstack.yml (e.g., .dstack.yml or train.dstack.yml are both acceptable).

Dev environments allow you to quickly provision a machine with a pre-configured environment, resources, IDE, code, etc.

type: dev-environment

# Use either `python` or `image` to configure environment
python: "3.11"
# image:

ide: vscode

# (Optional) Configure `gpu`, `memory`, `disk`, etc
  gpu: 80GB

Tasks make it very easy to run any scripts, be it for training, data processing, or web apps. They allow you to pre-configure the environment, resources, code, etc.

type: task

python: "3.11"
  - pip install -r fine-tuning/qlora/requirements.txt
  - python fine-tuning/qlora/

# (Optional) Configure `gpu`, `memory`, `disk`, etc
  gpu: 80GB

Ensure requirements.txt and are in your folder. You can take them from dstack-examples.

Services make it easy to deploy models and apps cost-effectively as public endpoints, allowing you to use any frameworks.

type: service

  - MODEL_ID=mistralai/Mistral-7B-Instruct-v0.1
port: 80
  - text-generation-launcher --port 80 --trust-remote-code

# (Optional) Configure `gpu`, `memory`, `disk`, etc
  gpu: 80GB

Run configuration

Run a configuration using the dstack run command, followed by the working directory path (e.g., .), the path to the configuration file, and run options (e.g., configuring hardware resources, spot policy, etc.)

$ dstack run . -f train.dstack.yml

 BACKEND     REGION         RESOURCES                     SPOT  PRICE
 tensordock  unitedkingdom  10xCPU, 80GB, 1xA100 (80GB)   no    $1.595
 azure       westus3        24xCPU, 220GB, 1xA100 (80GB)  no    $3.673
 azure       westus2        24xCPU, 220GB, 1xA100 (80GB)  no    $3.673

Continue? [y/n]: y

---> 100%

Epoch 0:  100% 1719/1719 [00:18<00:00, 92.32it/s, loss=0.0981, acc=0.969]
Epoch 1:  100% 1719/1719 [00:18<00:00, 92.32it/s, loss=0.0981, acc=0.969]
Epoch 2:  100% 1719/1719 [00:18<00:00, 92.32it/s, loss=0.0981, acc=0.969]

The dstack run command automatically uploads your code, including any local uncommitted changes. To exclude any files from uploading, use .gitignore.

What's next?

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  2. Browse examples
  3. Join the Discord server