AI container orchestration platform for everyone

dstack is an open-source orchestration platform for development, training, and deployment of AI models in any cloud or data center.

Dev environments

Before scheduling a task or deploying a model, you may want to run code interactively.

Dev environments allow you to provision a remote machine set up with your code and favorite IDE with just one command.

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Tasks allow for convenient scheduling of various batch jobs, such as training, fine-tuning, or data processing, as well as running web applications.

You can run tasks on a single machine or on a cluster of nodes.

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Services make it very easy to deploy any kind of model as public, secure, and scalable endpoints.

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Pools enable the efficient reuse of cloud instances and on-premises servers across runs, simplifying their management.

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Why community dstack

Andrew Spott

ML Engineer at Stealth Startup

Thanks to @dstack, I get the convenience of having a personal Slurm cluster and using budget-friendly cloud GPUs, without paying the super-high premiums charged by the big three.

Alvaro Bartolome

ML Engineer at Argilla

With @dstack it's incredibly easy to define a configuration within a repository and run it without worrying about GPU availability. It lets you focus on data and your research.

Park Chansung

ML Researcher at ETRI

Thanks to @dstack, I can effortlessly access the top GPU options across different clouds, saving me time and money while pushing my AI work forward.

Eckart Burgwedel

CEO at Uberchord

With @dstack, running an open-source LLM or a dev environment on a cloud GPU is as easy as running a local Docker container. It combines the ease of Docker with the auto-scaling capabilities of K8s.

Peter Hill

Co-Founder at CUDO Compute

@dstack is instrumental in simplifying infrastructure provisioning and AI model development. if your organization is on the lookout for an platform to speed up the adoption of AI, I wholeheartedly recommend @dstack

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What is dstack?

dstack is an open-source orchestration platform for efficiently training and deploying AI models across any cloud or data center. It provides a unified interface to manage AI model development at any scale, whether in the cloud or on-premises.

With dstack, you can utilize various cloud providers or on-prem infrastructure, along with any hardware, and leverage open-source frameworks and tools for both training and deployment.

What is dstack Sky?

dstack Sky is a managed version of dstack. Unlike the open-source dstack where you have to set up and manage the server yourself, dstack Sky takes care of hosting the server on your behalf. Most importantly, dstack Sky offers access to cloud GPUs through its marketplace, ensuring you get them at competitive rates.

If needed, you can still configure dstack Sky to use your own cloud accounts or connect to your on-prem servers.

What is the pricing for dstack?

The open-source version of dstack is completely free for commercial use. You can use it with your own cloud accounts or data centers without any costs, and you can also rely on support from the open-source community, Discord, and other channels.

If you use cloud GPUs through dstack Sky, you're only charged based on the compute prices offered by the marketplace provider. dstack Sky does not add any commission on top of these prices.

If you need enterprise-grade SLAs, premium support, or additional features, please reach out to our team.