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What is dstack?

dstack is an open-source container orchestration engine designed for running AI workloads across any cloud or data center.

The supported cloud providers include AWS, GCP, Azure, OCI, Lambda, TensorDock,, RunPod, and CUDO. You can also use dstack ro run workloads on on-prem servers.

dstack supports dev environements, running tasks on clusters, and deployment with auto-scaling and authorization out of the box.

Why use dstack?

  1. Simplifies development, training, and deployment of AI
  2. Can be used with any cloud providers and data centers
  3. Leverages the open-source AI ecosystem of libraries, frameworks, and models
  4. Reduces GPU costs and improves workload efficiency

How does it work?


Before using dstack, either set up the open-source server, or sign up with dstack Sky . See Installation for more details.

  1. Define configurations such as dev environments, tasks, and services.
  2. Run configurations via dstack's CLI or API.
  3. Use pools to manage cloud instances and on-prem servers.

Where do I start?

  1. Proceed to installation
  2. See quickstart
  3. Browse examples
  4. Join Discord