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What is dstack?

dstack is an open-source orchestration engine for running AI workloads. It supports a wide range of cloud providers (such as AWS, GCP, Azure, Lambda, TensorDock,, CUDO, etc.) as well as on-premises infrastructure.

Why use dstack?

  1. Designed for development, training, and deployment of gen AI models.
  2. Efficiently utilizes compute across cloud providers and on-prem servers.
  3. Compatible with any training, fine-tuning, and serving frameworks, as well as other third-party tools.
  4. 100% open-source.

How does it work?

  1. Install the open-source version of dstack and configure your own cloud accounts, or sign up with dstack Sky
  2. Define configurations such as dev environments, tasks, and services.
  3. Run configurations via dstack's CLI or API.
  4. Use pools to manage instances and on-prem servers.

Where do I start?

  1. Follow quickstart
  2. Browse examples
  3. Join the community via Discord