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The gateway configuration type allows creating and updating gateways.

Configuration files must have a name ending with .dstack.yml (e.g., .dstack.yml or gateway.dstack.yml are both acceptable) and can be located in the project's root directory or any nested folder. Any configuration can be applied via dstack apply.


type: gateway
name: example-gateway

backend: aws
region: eu-west-1

Root reference

name - (Optional) The gateway name.

default - (Optional) Make the gateway default.

backend - The gateway backend.

region - The gateway region.

domain - (Optional) The gateway domain, e.g.

public_ip - (Optional) Allocate public IP for the gateway. Defaults to True.

certificate - (Optional) The SSL certificate configuration. Defaults to type: lets-encrypt.


type - Automatic certificates by Let's Encrypt. Must be lets-encrypt.


type - Certificates by AWS Certificate Manager (ACM). Must be acm.

arn - The ARN of the wildcard ACM certificate for the domain.