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With dstack, you can use the CLI or API to deploy models or web apps. Provide the commands, port, and choose the Python version or a Docker image.

dstack handles the deployment on configured cloud GPU provider(s) with the necessary resources.


If you're using the open-source server, you first have to set up a gateway.

Set up a gateway

For example, if your domain is, go ahead and run the dstack gateway create command:

$ dstack gateway create --domain --region eu-west-1 --backend aws

Creating gateway...
---> 100%

 aws      eu-west-1  sour-fireant  

Afterward, in your domain's DNS settings, add an A DNS record for * pointing to the IP address of the gateway.

This way, if you run a service, dstack will make its endpoint available at https://<run-name>

If you're using the cloud version of dstack, the gateway is set up for you.

Using the CLI

Define a configuration

First, create a YAML file in your project folder. Its name must end with .dstack.yml (e.g. .dstack.yml or train.dstack.yml are both acceptable).

type: service


  - MODEL_ID=TheBloke/Llama-2-13B-chat-GPTQ 

port: 80

  - text-generation-launcher --hostname --port 80 --trust-remote-code

By default, dstack uses its own Docker images to run dev environments, which are pre-configured with Python, Conda, and essential CUDA drivers.

Configuration options

Configuration file allows you to specify a custom Docker image, environment variables, and many other options. For more details, refer to the Reference.

Run the configuration

To run a configuration, use the dstack run command followed by the working directory path, configuration file path, and any other options (e.g., for requesting hardware resources).

$ dstack run . -f serve.dstack.yml --gpu A100

 BACKEND     REGION         RESOURCES                     SPOT  PRICE
 tensordock  unitedkingdom  10xCPU, 80GB, 1xA100 (80GB)   no    $1.595
 azure       westus3        24xCPU, 220GB, 1xA100 (80GB)  no    $3.673
 azure       westus2        24xCPU, 220GB, 1xA100 (80GB)  no    $3.673

Continue? [y/n]: y

---> 100%

Serving HTTP on ...

Once the service is deployed, its endpoint will be available at https://<run-name>.<domain-name> (using the domain set up for the gateway).

Run options

The dstack run command allows you to use --gpu to request GPUs (e.g. --gpu A100 or --gpu 80GB or --gpu A100:4, etc.), and many other options (incl. spot instances, max price, max duration, retry policy, etc.). For more details, refer to the Reference.