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dstack 0.16.0: Pools

Previously, when running a dev environment, task, or service, dstack provisioned an instance in a configured backend, and upon completion of the run, deleted the instance.

In the latest update, we introduce pools, a significantly more efficient way to manage instance lifecycles and reuse instances across runs.

dstack 0.15.1: Kubernetes integration

In addition to a few bug fixes, the latest update brings initial integration with Kubernetes (experimental) and adds the possibility to configure a custom VPC for AWS. Read below for more details.

dstack 0.14.0: OpenAI-compatible endpoints preview

The service configuration deploys any application as a public endpoint. For instance, you can use HuggingFace's TGI or other frameworks to deploy custom LLMs. While this is simple and customizable, using different frameworks and LLMs complicates the integration of LLMs.