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Embrace Dev Environments, Leave Manual SSH Behind

Overcoming the limitations of dev environments for ML projects.

SSH is frequently an indispensable tool for ML engineers. In this discussion, we will delve into the drawbacks of using SSH manually and the advantages of embracing dev environments, which can significantly enhance your productivity as an ML engineer.

dstack 0.9.1: Azure, Better UI and More

The latest update introduces Azure support, and includes other improvements.

At dstack, our goal is to create a simple and unified interface for ML engineers to run dev environments, pipelines, and apps on any cloud. With the latest update, we take another significant step in this direction.

dstack 0.7: Hub Preview

A preview of the new tool for teams to manage their ML workflows.

Last October, we open-sourced the dstack CLI for defining ML workflows as code and running them easily on any cloud or locally. The tool abstracts ML engineers from vendor APIs and infrastructure, making it convenient to run scripts, development environments, and applications.